Immigration & Ancestry

immigration_dna_testingARCpoint Labs of Des Moines  offers DNA testing for immigration needs and for learning about your ancestry.

Immigration DNA testing

A portion of the U.S. immigration process includes proving biological relationships. If the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) deems a birth certificate or other evidence insufficient, an immigration DNA test may be requested.

If you’re in the process of immigration, citizenship or passport verification, contact ARCpoint Labs of Des Moines  for an Immigration DNA test. We follow chain of custody procedures to enable the test results to be used for all government and judicial purposes.

ARCpoint Labs of Des Moines  is an extremely trusted and respected partner for immigration DNA testing. Our local labs offer convenient  and courteous service(s) and our large network of locations allows us to offer best-of-class services for anyone in need of immigration DNA testing across the nation.

Ancestry DNA testing

Ancestry DNA testing started as a fun way to determine where your ancestors came from but  it now has become a bridge from the past to the future.

Knowing your heritage helps you appreciate your lineage and gives you an understanding of your genetic past, potential health risks and benefits for which you may qualify.